About Civil

Civil is a cross-platform, turn-based, networked strategy game, developed using Python, Pygame and SDL. Civil allows players to take part in scenarios set in historical battle theatres. To date, the U.S. Civil war has been the primary focus.

Civil requires the following:

More information is available from the Sourceforge Project Page.

Getting Civil

Civil is rapidly heading towards it's first fully playable release. Until then, sneak-peeks of versions 0.80 and above are available via SourceForge in various packaged forms. There's also public read-access to the CVS tree available. See the downloads page for more details on how to use this or obtain a package for your Operating System of choice...

How to contribute

Thinking of helping develop Civil? Well, to get a feel for things check out the Screenshots. These are updated regularly and show many aspects of the currents development work. Of course, nothing compares to playing, so read the downloads page for instructions on how to checkout the cvs tree.

Civil also has a busy developer's mailing list, which is the place to ask questions and offer help. You can subscribe via the Sourceforge lists page.


Civil has been developed by the following people:

With contributions from:

10th June, 2003

Civil 0.82 released:

- LOS is faster and more accurate
- New setup dialogs
- Now supports battles from different theatres
- Numerous bugfixes

Please head over to the download page to grab the release -- and many thanks to everyone that has supported us!

2nd March 2003

- New website launched...
- 0.82 imminent!
- Civil will support theatre themes

9th September 2002

Civil 0.81 Released:

- no HOME variable for Windows
- no pqueue module
- Pygame 1.5.3 fixes the rect crash
- Mandrake Cooker Package
- Freesansbold.ttf used
- Games now end
- Scenarios found even if load clicked
- The bugs in unit orders fixed
- Civil-editor package
- Checkbox for fullscreen play
- Improved order and waypoint rendering
- Improved in-game help
- Mini map updates after each turn

30th August 2002

Civil 0.80 released:

- New icons for units
- Trenches
- Panel removed
- Online Help browser
- Context sensitive menus
- Optimised pathfinding
- Better map height handling
- Auto starting of the AI client
- Improved unit selection
- Scenarios have reinforcements
- Improved unit stats handling
- Additional unit modes
- Speed optimisations
- New testing scenario
- Additions to the manual
- Updated transforms
- Working windows port
- Improved build system
- Packaged downloads

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