The following screenshots chart the development of Civil from inception to the present day:

New setup dialog graphics (2003-06-10)

Artillery units

Army status (2002-10-23)

New shots from 0.81

0.81 Imminent

New scenario

Improved scenario editor (2002-08-30)

New first setup dialog (2002-08-05)

Help browser (2002-05-11)

New in-game dialogs (2002-04-18)

Dynamic resolutions in-game (2002-04-11)

New look, no panel anymore, movable windows (2002-04-09)

Weapon ranges (2002-04-03)

Saving games (2002-03-20)

Credits (2002-02-11)

New in-game functionality (2002-02-04)

All new dialogs showing the changes made for the move of Civil to a TBS game

New objective icons

Combat policy dialog (2001-10-16)

Improved scenario editor

New units

New map

First glimpse of the Game Over backdrop

First shots of the scenario editor

Lots of small improvements

New in-game dialogs (2001-04-25)

Civil under win32! ;-)

Visualizing unit movement (2001-03-29)

New messagebox (2001-02-16)

Scenario updates (2001-02-11)

New dialogs for setting up the game

Main game view

Setting up the game

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